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How to Lower LDL Cholesterol – 3 Easy Tips

June 10 2016 , Written by Philip Potts

 How to Lower LDL Cholesterol – 3 Easy Tips

Do you want to know how to lower LDL cholesterol? That is a question asked by millions of people all over the world. The answer need not be complicated, nor does it need to require expensive and potentially dangerous medication.

You see, for the vast majority of people, controlling and lowering their cholesterol is a simple matter of changing their lifestyle. By making changes to your diet, getting some exercise and in some cases using a supplement if required is all most of us need to keep our bad cholesterol levels in the safe zone.

Let’s do a quick run down of the three steps you need to pay attention to.

How to lower LDL cholesterol: the answers.

  • Fix Your Diet

Diet is a big part of the whole cholesterol puzzle, and is also where the problems start for most people. In order to manage and lower your LDL cholesterol, you need to be aware of what foods will hurt you and what foods can actually actively make a positive difference to your cholesterol levels.

Moderation is good, while excess is usually where the problems begin. If you are prone to high cholesterol, you will have to get more raw foods into your diet and cut out excessively fatty foods, as well as most baked goods. Soluble fiber, for example oats, remain one of the best foods for lowering your cholesterol naturally.

  • Get Exercise

Exercise has been proven to help reduce bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol. You don’t need to exert yourself. Just do something active on a regular basis. This will also help you control your weight, which brings a lot of benefits by itself.

Bottom line: get off your butt and move. The more the better. It’s a great way to lower LDL cholesterol.

  • Use a Supplement

For those who struggle to stick to a strict diet, or who simply struggle to lower their cholesterol levels even with a healthy diet, a supplement can work wonders. A natural supplement like Choleslo is like a complete cholesterol lowering diet in a bottle, containing over 12 patented ingredients that actively help to lower LDL cholesterol.

Another supplement worth considering not only for cholesterol but also for general health is an omega 3 fish oil supplement. Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to lower LDL cholesterol safely and naturally.

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