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Phen375 As An Appetite Suppressant

May 20 2016 , Written by Philip Potts

Phen375 As An Appetite Suppressant

If you’ve done any research into the various weight loss products on the market you’ve probably seen ads for Phen375 and read about its ability to decrease appetite. You probably alsoread the Phen375 reviews and how it has helped dieters lose an average of three to five pounds every week, with many people reporting a loss of 50 or 60 pounds in less than six months.

If you’re the type of person who is cautiously skeptical, you’re probably thinking it all seems too good to be true and are wondering how a product can work so well as an appetite suppressant and allow a person to lose three to five pounds a week. Being skeptical is good, because it means you’re careful about the products you buy and the things you put into your body. In the case of Phen, however, there’s no need to be skeptical because everything you’ve read is true!

How Does Phen375 Work as an Appetite Suppressant?

Simple. It’s the ingredients in Phentemine375 that make it so effective at decreasing appetite and helping your body burn calories so the fat melts away. These ingredients are well known for their ability to increase metabolism, suppress appetite, and reduce your body’s ability to store fat.

The specific ingredients that work to suppress appetite have been well-known in the medical community for years, and include Dimethylpentylamine and Trimethylxanthine. Dimethylpentylamine was first patented by Eli Lilly in the 1940s as a nasal decongestant, but was later recognized for its ability to suppress a person’s appetite. Trimethylxanthine is a synthesized version of caffeine that not only works to suppress appetite, but also raises the body’s metabolism so it turns more fat into needed energy.

The other amazing ingredients in Phentemine375 work to perform other important functions, such as increasing blood flow to fatty tissue so it can be metabolized more easily, assisting in the process of transporting acids to fat cells so fat can be turned into energy, inhibiting the body’s ability to store fat, raising body temperature to increase metabolism, and increasing muscle mass:

  • Capsaicin – raises temperature, increases metabolism and inhibits body ability to store fat.
  • Dimethylpentylamine – suppresses appetite.
  • L-carnitine – helps with the transport of fatty acids to cells so fat can be metabolized.
  • Tongkate Ali – increases muscle mass.
  • Trimethylxanthine – raises metabolism and suppresses appetite.

The last thing you should always check are what actual users have to say. An online search will reveal hundreds of Phen375 reviews and user testimonials reporting their experiences and weight loss. The typical user review reports an average loss of 3 to 5 pounds a week, usually beginning around the middle to the end of the second week. There were also a significant number of obese users who reported losing as much as 50 and 60 pounds using Phen over a 6 month period. You can read actual Phentemine375 at the official website.

Now that you’ve done your homework and learned about the appetite suppressant and metabolism boosting benefits of Phen375, isn’t it time you found out how great Phen can work for you? It’s time to see for yourself why so many people who’ve tried it think it’s the best weight loss product available today!

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Low Carb Low Cholesterol Diet

May 12 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Diet

Low Carb Low Cholesterol Diet

As you focus on a low carb low cholesterol diet, you will be able to improve your blood lipids. If a test reveals that you have a high level of triglyceride, it means that you’re a likely candidate for stroke or other heart diseases. When the doctor determines that you have high cholesterol, you will be required to be on a low carb low cholesterol diet.

The body needs HDL or high density lipoprotein cholesterol, and it prevents potential heart diseases. When you have higher HDL levels, you can easily fight acute illness, injuries, and it also carries the excess cholesterol back into the liver to be broken down. By eating low carbs diet, you will be able to increase the HDL and this is good for the heart.

The bad cholesterol is known as LDL or low density lipoprotein cholesterol. The effects of the low carb low cholesterol diet to the LDL are not always the same. In some studies, there was a reduction of the LDL while in others, it increased. However, only one thing is common – the cholesterol particles have changed in size.

It is said that when the cholesterol’s particle size is smaller, it can easily attach to the blood vessels’ walls. This increases the chance of getting heart disease. When you opt for low cholesterol diet, the particles tend to be larger which is good because the fats can’t attach instantly on the walls. The only problem with the larger particles is that your LDL will usually go up because of the weight of the particles.

When you eat high carbohydrates diet, the particles of the cholesterol becomes smaller and this increases the chance of developing heart diseases. Since the particles are smaller, the LDL will also decrease but such reading can be very deceiving. It would be best if the triglyceride level readings are lower because this would also mean that the cholesterol particles are larger.

If you can concentrate on a low carb low cholesterol diet, you can positively affect the triglyceride, LDL, and HDL levels. Since every person is unique, only a medical professional can help you with the tests and the readings. The genetic component of each person is a big factor, but with the right diet and lifestyle, you can combat heart disease.

Surprisingly people find it easier than one would think to stick with a low carb low cholesterol diet because many of the meals and recipes taste great. You don’t have to sacrifice the flavor of the foods and most of the recipes can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Why don’t you start looking for the meal plans today? You can stick to it for a week and if you really can’t fight the urge to eat your favorite food, you can eat them occasionally but in smaller portions.

Low Carb Low Cholesterol Diet - Stay motivated

You should ask for the support of your family and friends as they will surely push you and help keep you motivated. The whole family will also benefit from a low carb low cholesterol diet, and you can encourage them to eat the same foods.

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Check Your Health – Learn About Cholesterol

April 21 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Health

Check Your Health – Learn About Cholesterol

You will know that just how healthy you are when you check your cholesterol on a regularly basis. You will also find that your doctor will break down that report so that you have several numbers and a real understanding of just how healthy you are.

With all the medical advances, that you will come across you'll be able to know exactly what part of your cholesterol is out of control and how your overall progress is doing. You will be getting the numbers with an explanation, but it still can be very confusing. It is very difficult to explain what you are told to someone else. You will want to get a cholesterol testing kit so that you can test yourself in the comfort of your own home.

You may find that it is difficult to understand the kit, but if you learn how to do the math, then you will be able to understand your results and the numbers. You will first be given a number for your bad cholesterol that is often referred to as low density lipids cholesterol. This is commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol” and you can remember this by using the L to stand for Lower—you want to be sure to lower this type of cholesterol. The bad cholesterol will end up making about 65-75% of your total cholesterol, however, you should make sure that your total number is at least lower than 130.

Because LDL cholesterol is the type that causes heart attacks, if you have other risk factors such as obesity or a family history of heart disease, you want to keep this number even lower, less than 100 if possible. Your diet is very important in many ways, but it will lower your bad cholesterol levels.

You will then realize that your second number is your good cholesterol or HDL. This is a high density lipid cholesterol. You can always remember that your HDL is healthy by remembering the link to the “h”. You will want this to be of at least 35 or higher for men, but 40 or higher for women. Women have an easier time raising HDL levels than men do, but this can be done through exercise and not smoking.

As for your last number, you will fid that it is your total cholesterol level that will add both your good and bad together. You will find that if you keep your LDL and HDL levels normal, then you will be able to have a good total cholesterol level. However, you should consult your doctor if you have any questions about your cholesterols and the numbers. They will be able to place you on medication so that you can have a healthy life with the cholesterol under control.

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How To Check Your Blood Cholesterol Levels At Home

April 8 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Cholesterol Test, #Videos

Product demonstration video show the Easy Life triple function meter system which tests blood cholesterol, haemoglobin and glucose levels in a finger prick blood sample. Allows easy cheap but accurate home testing of blood cholesterol levels.

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Known The Many Dangers Associated With High Cholesterol Level

March 24 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Cholesterol Tips

Known The Many Dangers Associated With High Cholesterol Level

Foods that are rich in fatty acids and unhealthy ingredients are the cause of the high cholesterol level in the human body. For most people, the level of cholesterol will determine whether the person will be susceptible to cardiovascular diseases or not. The most common diseases and ailments that are caused by the high cholesterol level include stroke and heart attacks. The presence of too much cholesterol will cause the blood clots in the arteries that lead to heart attack.

Acceptable Cholesterol Level

The best way to prevent such occurrence of heart diseases is to maintain the level of cholesterol inside. It has been proven that the best way to start the maintenance would be to limit the food products that are rich in cholesterol and fats. It is also advised by most physicians that proper consultation should be done to review the high cholesterol level and how to treat it properly. Alternatively, it is suggested by many experts that the natural process and treatment will help reduce the cholesterol level. Consequently, it is a notable process that has as little side effects as possible.

The most expert person to ask for advice in reducing the high cholesterol level is a dietician. This is the individual that will recommend the right doses of food products that will help maintain the good cholesterol level and decrease the bad cholesterol. To ensure that the body stay fit, you need to start by eating the right kind of foods. Healthy foods include the dairy products that have saturated fats and are one of the causes why people suffer from high cholesterol level.

There are plenty of medications found in the market. These prescriptions are quite good in reducing the high cholesterol level. However, the best treatment to reduce the high cholesterol level is to use natural methods. This would include the herbal medications that are made with fresh herbs and naturally made products. Research has been done extensively on some of these products as a way to prove that it works in decreasing the high cholesterol level. One natural product that is quite effective in bringing down the cholesterol is garlic.

There are risks and dangers when there is a high cholesterol level in the human body. There is proof that has shown that cholesterol does not move freely in the bloodstream as it does not mix well with water. Thus, the high cholesterol level will eventually clog up the arteries that will lead to diseases in the heart and veins.

When you become aware of the dangers of the high cholesterol level, you begin to understand that you need to make a move right now. With the right kind of knowledge and the dedication to remove the high cholesterol level, you can begin the process as soon as possible. Try some homemade remedies and natural treatments to avoid any complications.

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Convenience Is A Major Advantage To Doing Cholesterol Home Test

March 3 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Cholesterol Test

cholesterol home test

cholesterol home test

There are people out there who have become obsessed with their cholesterol levels. This may seem weird for some people but for those afflicted with already high levels it is necessary for them to check it regularly. However, the time consuming task of getting to the clinic or the hospital will not fit your schedules. Nevertheless, it should be conducted. Nowadays, thanks to the inventive geniuses of pharmaceutical companies, a cholesterol home test is now available.

Understand the Significance of the Test Readings

The task of buying the cholesterol home test kit is actually quite easy to do. You can practically find these tools in any pharmacy store. For an even more convenient option, you have the choice to buy the product online, provided, of course, that you buy the product from a reliable online seller. When you have decided to use the cholesterol home test product, it is important that you learn how to read the results as this will be the basis for whatever treatment you will be having.

The moment you have grasped the intention of the cholesterol home test result, you now have to determine the steps to maintain the HDL cholesterol at high levels while keeping the bad LDL cholesterol at a low level. The higher the HDL levels, the better will the system will manage the bad cholesterol. This will, in turn, help the flow of blood in the arteries and prevent blockage and hardening that will cause heart attacks and stroke.

Before you purchase a cholesterol home test kit, it is necessary that you check the background of that test. It should be FD approved and sold by official distributors and sellers. Most of these cholesterol home kits are at least ninety seven percent accurate and generally will cost you only around $25 per pack.

After buying the cholesterol home test kit, you now simply have to draw a sample of your blood. As part of the kit, you have a lancet that will help in the blood sample extraction. Plus, it is important that your cholesterol home test kit should be accompanied by test strips that will determine the levels of cholesterol in the body. These kits should be easy to work with and should come with instructions that are quite easy to understand.

The main disadvantage of the cholesterol home test kit is that it may not provide reliable results. In a sense, the remaining three percent of the accuracy ratio may mean the difference between treating the condition correctly and incorrectly. Unlike the professionally conducted cholesterol tests, the cholesterol home test may provide results that have errors. Nevertheless, if you constantly use the product, it can give results that will give you a general idea about your cholesterol levels. To make sure that it gives proper results, have yourself take a professional examination every now and then.

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