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How To Check Your Blood Cholesterol Levels At Home

April 8 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Cholesterol Test, #Videos

Product demonstration video show the Easy Life triple function meter system which tests blood cholesterol, haemoglobin and glucose levels in a finger prick blood sample. Allows easy cheap but accurate home testing of blood cholesterol levels.

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Convenience Is A Major Advantage To Doing Cholesterol Home Test

March 3 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Cholesterol Test

cholesterol home test

cholesterol home test

There are people out there who have become obsessed with their cholesterol levels. This may seem weird for some people but for those afflicted with already high levels it is necessary for them to check it regularly. However, the time consuming task of getting to the clinic or the hospital will not fit your schedules. Nevertheless, it should be conducted. Nowadays, thanks to the inventive geniuses of pharmaceutical companies, a cholesterol home test is now available.

Understand the Significance of the Test Readings

The task of buying the cholesterol home test kit is actually quite easy to do. You can practically find these tools in any pharmacy store. For an even more convenient option, you have the choice to buy the product online, provided, of course, that you buy the product from a reliable online seller. When you have decided to use the cholesterol home test product, it is important that you learn how to read the results as this will be the basis for whatever treatment you will be having.

The moment you have grasped the intention of the cholesterol home test result, you now have to determine the steps to maintain the HDL cholesterol at high levels while keeping the bad LDL cholesterol at a low level. The higher the HDL levels, the better will the system will manage the bad cholesterol. This will, in turn, help the flow of blood in the arteries and prevent blockage and hardening that will cause heart attacks and stroke.

Before you purchase a cholesterol home test kit, it is necessary that you check the background of that test. It should be FD approved and sold by official distributors and sellers. Most of these cholesterol home kits are at least ninety seven percent accurate and generally will cost you only around $25 per pack.

After buying the cholesterol home test kit, you now simply have to draw a sample of your blood. As part of the kit, you have a lancet that will help in the blood sample extraction. Plus, it is important that your cholesterol home test kit should be accompanied by test strips that will determine the levels of cholesterol in the body. These kits should be easy to work with and should come with instructions that are quite easy to understand.

The main disadvantage of the cholesterol home test kit is that it may not provide reliable results. In a sense, the remaining three percent of the accuracy ratio may mean the difference between treating the condition correctly and incorrectly. Unlike the professionally conducted cholesterol tests, the cholesterol home test may provide results that have errors. Nevertheless, if you constantly use the product, it can give results that will give you a general idea about your cholesterol levels. To make sure that it gives proper results, have yourself take a professional examination every now and then.

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