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How to Get Rid of Your Back Acne With Exposed Skin Care

December 20 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #exposed skin care, #back acne treatment

Acne is a frustrating skin condition that can appear literally anywhere on the skin, including such inconvenient and annoying places as the back. You’re likely to feel it as you step out of the shower, rather than see it like on your face. While this...

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Meladerm Cream: Skin Lightening Lotion For Black Skin

October 5 2016 , Written by Philip Potts

There are multiple skin lightening products that are available today. However, it can be difficult to decide on which one to purchase especially for those with darker to black skin tones. Many skin lighteners are made for people with fair to medium skin,...

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What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels?

June 30 2016 , Written by Philip Potts

If you ask most people what normal cholesterol levels are, chances are they could not tell you. Most people know that having high cholesterol is a bad thing, but they do not know how high is too high. Normal cholesterol levels range is below 100 LDL....

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How to Lower LDL Cholesterol – 3 Easy Tips

June 10 2016 , Written by Philip Potts

Do you want to know how to lower LDL cholesterol? That is a question asked by millions of people all over the world. The answer need not be complicated, nor does it need to require expensive and potentially dangerous medication. You see, for the vast...

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Can you really lose 3 to 5 pounds per week with Phen375?

May 29 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Phen375

Possibly one of the biggest claims online is that Phen375 can help you lose 3 to 5 pounds in just a matter of a week. Is this really true? To answer this question, you need to first look at Phen375 ingredients and you can judge for yourself whether these...

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What Can We Do To Control Cholesterol (Infographic)

May 25 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Cholesterol Tips

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Phen375 As An Appetite Suppressant

May 20 2016 , Written by Philip Potts

If you’ve done any research into the various weight loss products on the market you’ve probably seen ads for Phen375 and read about its ability to decrease appetite. You probably alsoread the Phen375 reviews and how it has helped dieters lose an average...

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Low Carb Low Cholesterol Diet

May 12 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Diet

As you focus on a low carb low cholesterol diet, you will be able to improve your blood lipids. If a test reveals that you have a high level of triglyceride, it means that you’re a likely candidate for stroke or other heart diseases. When the doctor determines...

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Check Your Health – Learn About Cholesterol

April 21 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Health

You will know that just how healthy you are when you check your cholesterol on a regularly basis. You will also find that your doctor will break down that report so that you have several numbers and a real understanding of just how healthy you are. With...

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How To Check Your Blood Cholesterol Levels At Home

April 8 2016 , Written by Philip Potts Published on #Cholesterol Test, #Videos

Product demonstration video show the Easy Life triple function meter system which tests blood cholesterol, haemoglobin and glucose levels in a finger prick blood sample. Allows easy cheap but accurate home testing of blood cholesterol levels.

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